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English translation documents of our games

Fierce Fight! Typhoon Blitzkrieg (GameJournal No.67) updated July/2019

Fierce Fight! Kiev Blitzkrieg (GameJournal No.57) updated May/2016

Fierce Fight! Barbarossa Blitzkrieg (GameJournal No.49 & 53 & 57) updated May/2016

Fierce Fight! Smolensk Blitzkrieg (GameJournal No.53) updated May/2016

Kanto Suppression (GameJournal No.55) updated Sept/2016

Fierce Fight! Leningrad Blitzkrieg (GameJournal No.49) updated May/2016

Fierce Fight! Stalingrad Blitzkrieg (GameJournal No.47)

Manstein's Last Battle(GameJournal No.42)

Collision of Empires(GameJournal No.45) updated Feb/2015

Oda attacks at Anegawa, 1570 (GameJournal No.34) updated Sept/2016

Hideyoshi’s Showdown (GameJournal No.26) updated Sept/2016

Storm over Stalingrad(GameJournal No.19)

Original page of the english translator

Road to Honnoji(GameJournal No.15)

Surrounding Nobunaga(GameJournal No.14)

Storm over Port Arthur(GameJournal No.10)

Iraq War 2003(GameJournal Extra No.1)

History of SAMURAI(GameJournal Extra No.2)

French translation documents